How to watch Handmaid's Tale online: stream season three from anywhere

Everyone's favourite Margaret Atwood book turned TV series is back and more dramatic than ever! OK, that is quite a niche category but considering just how gripping season three has been so far, we feel that it is an absolute must to watch Handmaid's Tale online right now.

The Hulu-made dystopian show made it through two seasons, bringing with it some of TV's most stressful, gripping and downright mind-blowing moments – a pretty big claim with the likes of Chernobyl winning over TV viewers.

For those that watched the first two seasons of the show, this picks up where it left off (but don't worry, no spoilers). The show has kept its excellent writing and visuals but has taken a twist in the story, keeping a tight-hold on our interest.

So no matter where in the world you're living, this is a complete guide to how to watch Handmaid's Tale online. We've tracked down all of the locations, times and prices for a number of countries across the world.

And if you happen to be away on holiday right now and will be missing the final few episodes, don't worry – we've also listed how to watch Handmaid's Tale online when you're away, meaning you won't miss out.

How to watch Handmaid's Tale online in the US:

How to watch Handmaid's Tale online in the UK: 

How to watch Handmaid's Tale online in Canada:  

How to watch Handmaid's Tale online in Australia:  

Watch Handmaid's Tale online from outside your country:

If you find yourself in the unlucky position where you're out of the country, on holiday or temporarily abroad when you want to watch the show, don't panic just yet – there is still a chance to watch Handmaid's Tale online in all of its glory. Using a little handy trick, you can get around geo-blocks and digital borders using a VPN.

This will allow you to gain access to all the dramatic Handmaid's Tale content without even having to be in one of the countries its airing in by changing your IP. That way you can binge watch the show on your holiday.

Which VPN is best for you? Our personal favourite is ExpressVPN.

watch Handmaid's Tale online

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