Super student broadband deal: rapid BT fibre and a free JBL soundbar

So you're a year or two through university. You've got freshers syndrome out of the way and have actually been able to choose your new housemates for the first time. You must be feeling pretty grown up right about now – allow us to give you a little hair ruffle of congratulations.

But with great power comes great responsibility – we're talking about the responsibility of sorting out your new broadband deal, of course. And you really have two options. You can either spend significant parts of your summer holidays hunting around ISP-site after ISP-site working out how to get the best value for money with your new internet, or you can head straight to our dedicated guide to student broadband deals and pick one that we recommend.

To that list, we've just added a brand new offering from BT Broadband. Let's be honest, that probably would have been your first port of call anyway, but its freshly-released plan for students really is excellent.

Split £29.99 each month between you and your housemates and you'll get faster than average fibre broadband speeds for a year, free connection, a BT Smart Hub router, unlimited usage and a FREE JBL sound bar with an RRP of £150! Ideal for gathering around the TV for Netflix binging when the last few pennies of the student loan run out.

More on BT's new student broadband deal

Is the JBL sound bar any good?

In short, yes.

Or, if you prefer something more detailed, our friends over at What Hi-Fi? have a full review of the Bar Studio 2.0. They describe it as solid and punchy upgrade on your regular TV speakers with plenty of bass (so handy for parties, too) and a good range of features.

Its RRP is £150, although you can actually get it from Amazon for just £99 these days.

Want even an even cheaper student broadband deal?

If you're not so bothered about fast speeds and just need something to get you online for essay research and keeping up-to-date on social media, we present Onestream.

You may not have heard of this rather more obscure ISP, but we've wangled an exclusive deal with them to offer you a 17Mb average speed fibre connection for a mere £18.99 per month for 9 months. That means you won't have to pay for internet any longer than you actually need it, and the bills are rock bottom anyway.

Source: techradar

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