Huawei P40 and P40 Pro deals launch for pre-order in the UK – here's where to buy

Huawei has officially announced its brand new P40 and P40 Pro handsets alongside a third, more powerful P40 Pro Plus. And now, for those in the UK, you are free to pre-order the first of the two.

For those interested in the Plus, it seems to be missing from most UK retailers and Huawei's previously announced Huawei P40 Lite won't be coming to the market for another couple of weeks.

And even when it comes to the main two handsets – the P40 and P40 Pro – they, for now at least, seem to only be available from a small number of retailers, both in terms of SIM-fee and contract deals.

This is likely due to Huawei's on-going issues with Google compatibility or the lock downs most countries are currently facing during the on-going pandemic, because otherwise the handsets look great themselves.

Stylised in a similar vein to Samsung's recent Galaxy S20 range, both handsets feature a hole-punch camera, long rectangular back camera bump with multiple powerful lenses and some seriously internal specs. A true Samsung competitor in other words.

And as a bit of an added incentive, the retailers that are selling the handsets are throwing in a free pair of Huawei Freebuds 3 if you get it during the pre-order. We've listed the available retailers below.

Retailers stocking Huawei P40 and P40 Pro deals:

Huawei P40:
Carphone Warehouse

Huawei P40 Pro:
Carphone Warehouse

Source: techradar

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