Save 40% on Peak Design's awesome camera bags and backpacks

San Francisco-based company Peak Design began life on Kickstarter, and quickly gained a massive fan following. And no wonder: it has some beautifully designed bags that can be customized to suit any purpose, and the company’s clips and straps go a long way in making that happen.

Every aspect of Peak Design bags are well thought-out – construction, material, functionality and usability. The bags are then tested thoroughly before they go on sale. Every bag in the Peak Design catalog can go from boardroom to holiday, with the ability to carry laptops, clothes or camera gear with just a few sturdy clips.

The bags aren’t cheap, though, so for those who’ve been lusting after a Peak Design carrier, this might be a good chance to snag yourself an Everyday Backpack or an Everyday Messenger, and pocket some savings in the process. 

Note that the 40% discount is on the original V1 options of the bags, although there is 20% off on all other Peak Design products, except its travel tripod. The sale ends April 6.

Source: techradar

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