PUBG’s April Fools' joke is a crazy fantasy-themed game mode

It’s that time of the year where brands go beyond their usual offerings to create something whimsical just for humor. While most of these are vapourware, PUBG went on to launch a hilarious new Fantasy Battle Royale game mode for the season.

The new mode takes place on Dragon’s Isle (modified Erangel) and is only available for a week, till April 7. Mind you; this is not PUBG Mobile but the full game that is available for desktop and consoles. It’s a third person, a squad-only mode that takes inspiration from classic games such as Dungeons and Dragons and War of the Rings. Each team member will choose a player class, ranging from barbarian, ranger, paladin, and a wizard, each with its strengths and weakness.

There are no class limits so that teams can be mended according to individual player styles. However, that means certain types of loot will have to be shared. That is an important bit as there are no weapons to be picked on the map. Each player has just one weapon through the match, which can be powered up with the correct items and crafting material. 

The matches are also said to more action-packed with a faster-moving blue circle. Twenty teams of four each will drop on the island, with smaller teams and solos being clubbed together. Even vehicles get nerfed in the Fantasy BR. Only the Noble steed (unicorn-themed bike) and the Dragon Wagon (UAZ) spawn on this isle, with significantly lower speed and durability, to encourage players to focus more on the warfare.

The PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale will be free to play for all. There are small upgrades that can be purchased via the “gold” earned by completing tasks. It was done to ensure that players do not have to spend money on non-essential things such as an expansion pack during this tense season. 

They also mention how this will be a good opportunity to test a few new additions to the game. If they are favorably liked, they could make it to the main game.

Via Gamespot

Source: techradar

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