With Onward out on Friday, this is the best week for a free Disney Plus trial yet

If you live in the US and Canada and you've never tried the new streaming service Disney Plus before, this week may be your moment. 

That's because from April 3, Disney Plus is streaming the new Pixar movie Onward, which was only released released in theaters (remember those?) in March, before flaming out as a result of theater closures around the world. This is an unprecedented moment for Disney in breaking the traditional theatrical window.

Of all the times you could sign up for that Disney Plus free trial, we'd argue this is the best week yet. Signing up now for 7 days of the service in the US and Canada gets you Onward, Frozen 2, every episode of The Mandalorian and every Star Wars movie minus The Rise of Skywalker and Solo without spending a penny. The novelty of watching Onward alone makes it worth a look. 

Signing up for a Disney Plus does require you to enter your billing details, but it's easy to cancel Disney Plus before then. When you sign up, you'll even be told when the trial ends and when you'll be charged, so you can plan your week accordingly without spending anything.

There's a lot you can get done in that week-long period. And if you're stuck indoors right now, you can take a good bite out of the 30 seasons of The Simpsons you can stream on there right now.

If you're in Australia, Onward doesn't arrive until April 24, and if you're in the UK, there's no date currently scheduled for the film. So if you're in those territories and you want to make the most of a free trial, you might want to wait a little longer. 

You can only use a Disney Plus free trial once before you have to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription, so make it count. 

Source: techradar

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