Sell Your Phone

Below there are 10 steps on how to send your mobile phone package. Please take time to read this to avoid any future complications.

  1. Remove any accounts or passwords on your handset- best way to do so is by factory resetting it
  2. Visit our website:
  3. Using the search box on the top right corner, search the model of the mobile phone you wish to recycle. Make sure you select the correct memory type!
  4. Confirm that you have removed all accounts and passwords by ticking the confirmation box
  5. Select the quantity you will be sending
  6. Click on add to basket and fill out the information form
  7. Ensure you correctly select your shipping method- whether you would like to wait for a prepaid envelope or post it yourself which is quicker
  8. If you choose to send it yourself, please ensure your order number is placed inside the package when sending it to avoid any delayed payments
  9. You will need to send the package via the post office and not put it in the red box! This may result in your item being misplaced
  10. Once you take the package to the post office, you will be provided with a receipt. Please keep hold of your receipt until the payment is made as it contains your tracking ID.

One you have posted your mobile phone, we should receive it in three working day maximum. You can follow whether the phone has reached our unit by tracing it using the tracking ID found on the receipt.

We will send an automated email as soon as we receive the mobile phone. Your status will change form 'trade pack sent' to 'processing'. This means the phone is forwarded to the testing department to ensure it is in a working condition.

Once approved by the testing department it will passed on to the payment team, where payment will be made.

If at anytime you want your mobile phone back we will send it straight away using a first class recorded service.

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